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Exalted : Caste Book Dawn (Excellent)

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The Champions of Unconquered Sun

Elemental forces of destruction, the Dawn Caste of the Solar Exalted are the mailed right fist of the Unconquered Sun. Yet these peerless warriors are not mere bloodthirsty killers. With their mighty war-arts and terrible visages, the Dawn Caste brings the light of the Unconquered Sun into the dark places. Know fear, you who would stand against the light of dawn.


The Masters of the Killing Arts

Caste Book: Dawn is first in the Caste Book series for Exalted books detailing the Castes of the Solar Exalted, the player-characters of the game. Here are all the secrets of the Dawn Caste, from their matchless battle-Charms and their fragmentary memories of the First Age, to the creeds and philosophies that unite them everything you need to carry out their holy mission.