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Exalted : Caste Book - Twilight (Excellent)

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The Savants of Unconquered Sun

Craftsmen and cunning men, these are the meddling sorcerer-servants of the Unconquered Sun. Yet the Twilight Caste is more than mere magicians and scholars. These Exalted form a mighty force for enlightenment in a benighted world. Those who would trick the masses and lock away wisdom should fear, for these savants have come to deliver knowledge to the ignorant.


The Greatest Sorcerers Creation

Caste Book: Twilight is the next in a series for Exalted - books detailing the different character types of the Solars. Within its pages are all the secrets of the Twilight Caste, from their unmatched mastery of sorcery to their fragmentary memories of the First Age. This book contains new Charms, rules, spells and artifacts to help reclaim the wizards heritage of power.