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Exalted : Creatures of the Wyld (Excelllent)

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The Dangers of the Wyld are Many

From the icy wastes of the North to the blasted deserts of the South, from the wood-shaded depths of the far East to the mirror expanse of the Western sea, Creation teems with beasts both wondrous and terrible. There are sorcerous prodigies and Wyld-tainted mutants, automata of the First Age and the great Behemoths from the morning of the world.

Do You Walk Among Them, or Hunt Them?

Creatures of the Wyld describes over 60 of the strange and fabulous beings that walk Creation in the Second Age of Man. From the most terrible of predators to the cleverest of tricksters, this book displays the panoply of amazing beasts that inhabit the setting of Exalted. With each entry bursting with setting material, this book is an ideal resource for Storytellers and for players of savants and sorcerers.