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Exalted : Savant & Sorcerer (Excellent)

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The Ancient Secrets of Sorcery Are Known Only to a Few

During the First Age, Creation swarmed with sorcerers, magicians and savant-engineers. These Exalted and mortal miracle workers made the world a place of wonder. Now, at the sunset of the Second Age of Man, Creation is a place of ignorance, whose splendors lie in ruin and whose secrets are lost or forgotten. Yet, here and there throughout Creation, caches of lore remain for those daring enough to claim them. In the libraries of sorcerers and the ruins of bygone glory, what wonders yet wait?

Can You Reclaim the Power That Lies Forgotten?

Savant and Sorcerer describes the intricacies of sorcery in the world of Exalted. The book details over 100 spells from all three circles of magic. It also provides information on Demesnes, Manses, Hearthstones, magical summoning and the creation of artifacts. Finally, s details warstriders, the massive war machines of the First Age.