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Exalted : Scavenger Sons (Excellent)

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Born from the Horror of the

They crawled from the ruins of the First Realm and carved themselves a place amid the rubble. When the army of the Realm arrived demanding tribute, the would-be overlords were given the only response such an insult deserved a sound thrashing. Since then, the Realm has coveted the Scavenger Lands and their caches of First-Age relics. The Scavenger Lands have always been assailed, but have never fallen.

Rebels against the Realm

Scavenger Sons details the Scavenger Lands, the heartland of the First Realm and a bastion of resistance against the Dynasty's imperial ambitions. From the strict discipline of Lookshy to the Byzantine anarchy of The Nexus, this book covers the history and inhabitants of the lands in detail. Scavenger Sons also contains information on the Threshold, including descriptions of many of its petty kingdoms.