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Exalted : The Autochthonians Hardcover (Excellent)

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Children of the Machine God

Outside Creation, the great Primordial forge-god Autochthon is dying. But, millions of worshippers live within his metal body, and they will not allow their god to perish. Wrest open the gates of Creation, and traverse the endless distances of Elsewhere to reach the resources and souls that your iron deity needs to survive.

A Core Expansion for Exalted

*Details the industrial god-world of Autochthonia, from its strange wildlife to the society of the mighty Alchemical Exalted.

*Provides complete information on and character-creation rules for the Alchemical Exalted, including a complete array of their unique Charms and artifacts.

*Includes three complete scenarios about Autochthonian invasion of Creation, for Storytellers who wish to use the arrival of the machinegod's exiles for an Exalted series.