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Exalted : The Sidereals Hardcover (Near Mint)

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Born Beneath the Stars of Prophecy

They travel among the gods as officials of high station, and walk secretly among men as the servants of the Maidens. For them, destiny and fate run like wax. Yet for all their might the Sidereals are mortal, and Heaven as well as Creation has entered a time of tumult. Will the Sidereal Exalted retain their station or perish in a celestial civil war?

Born to Master Destiny

The fourth in the series of rulebooks that makes the Exalted available for play, The Sidereals includes extensive detail on the Celestial City of Yu-Shan, the politics of heaven and the strategies of the Sidereal Factions, as well as full rules for creating and playing these characters. Inside is everything needed to portray these servants of destiny, from their deadly martial arts to their powerful command over destiny and fate.