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GURPS Best of Pyramid Vol 1 (Near Mint)
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GURPS Best of Pyramid Vol 1 (Near Mint)

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Pyramid fans rejoice! This book reprints 19 of the best GURPS items from the print issues of Pyramid Magazine, updated by editor Steven Marsh.

Campaign styles and settings . . . Sprockets, in which fantastic, mysterious vehicles appear on modern-day Earth, each attuned to the first finder.

Yrth 1100, an alternate-past campaign.

More Timelines for GURPS Time Travel.

Mock Horror Adventures for B-movie fun.

High-powered rules and devices . . .

Brain Hacking for Cyberpunk.

Willful Weapons for games in all settings.

Another Look Inside Warehouse 23, with new gadgets.

A Second Skin - magical tattoos!

Invaluable historical source info . . .Low-Tech Economics Warrior Monks: The Military Holy Orders Fire and Blood: Feudal Lords County Seat Wars from the Old West.

Unique adventures . . .

Trespasser's Isle - horror in a tropical paradise.

Time of the Tyrants - time-traveling Nazis!

I Was A Teen-Age Dinosaur - an Atomic Horror adventure.

Gentleman Johnson's Fish Mart - Low fun for Goblins.

An Adventure in the Gutter - Whack them! Whack them all!

Prince Frog - The curse is not what it seems . . .

Motive Force - Rescue the vaccine or a planet dies.

GURPS Basic Set and Compendium I: Character Creation are required to use this book in a GURPS campaign.

Published by Steve Jackson Games 2001