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GURPS Black Ops (Excellent)
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GURPS Black Ops (Excellent)

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The Greys. Vampires. Evil Psis. Better Bring A Spare Clip.
Experience GURPS as never before in Black Ops, an adventure setting that takes cinematic roleplaying to the edge and over the top!
Wrestle enraged gargoyles on rain-slick ledges high over dark city streets! Endure the raw psychic fury of the dreaded soul dog! Above all, watch out for the insidious Greys, as the kidnap human women and steer the destiny of entire nations!
Our only defense against these terrifying foes is the Company, which takes conspiracy from theory to practice. As one of its recruits, you'll endure five years at the hellish Academy, where only the best of the best graduate and failing grades become tombstone inscriptions. Upon becoming a black op, you'll possess attributes and deadly expertise to make mere normals tremble. You'll need them - because it's all true. Ancient alien visitors and recent arrivals, things slithering in sewers and alleys by night, dark plots by paranormal cabals to bend humanity to their will - all these dangers and more lurk in society's shadow. Odds are you'll die in style. Your job is to take as many of them with you as you can.
The GURPS Basic Set is required to use this book in a GURPS campaign. Ultra-Tech and Ultra-Tech 2 are recommended by not necessary. The setting described here can be adapted for any game system.
Published by Steve Jackson Games 1997