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GURPS Covert Ops (Near Mint)
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GURPS Covert Ops (Near Mint)

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Assassins, saboteurs, and terrorists have been with us all through history. Sometimes their deeds have changed the course of history. If you want to change history - or stop those who would - then GURPS Covert Ops is the book you're looking for.

GURPS Covert Ops features:

A comprehensive catalog of the tools of the trade, from guns and bombs to disguises and forged documents.
A guide to defenses and countermeasures that operatives will have to defeat to accomplish their mission.
Covert operations for historical, science-fiction, and fantasy settings.
Templates for operatives in any setting, from the streetcorner thug to the secretive poisoner, from the mercenary to the religious fanatic.
Profiles of organizations that can be used as sponsors . . . or adversaries.

GURPS Covert Ops can be used in any roleplaying game that involves assassins, saboteurs, or terrorists, either as the heroes - or the enemy. Come play in the shadows . .

Published by Steve Jackson Games 2003