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GURPS Faerie (Near Mint)
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GURPS Faerie (Near Mint)

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They lie, steal, kidnap, maim, and kill -- and we put them in our children's nurseries. They are the Fair Folk . . . the Little People . . . the Faeries.

You may think the only appear in tales, but they are everywhere: in the shadows, behind the trees, beneath the hills -- and yes, even under the bed. They have lived beside us since the very beginning. Some are pretty and delicate, with gossamer wings . . . others are 10 feet tall with a taste for human flesh or wizened killers with blue skin and iron claws. This book lets you incorporate them all into your GURPS game.

GURPS Faerie contains:

A guide to faeries of the world, from Alaska and Australia to Brazil and Japan.
Templates for many different types of faeries . . . and the mortals who know them.
A guide to faerie magic.
Campaign settings, from traditional European folklore to paranormal investigation or supernatural cyberpunk -- or build your own with the tools provided!
Keep cold iron and Scripture close to hand, believe the opposite of what you hear, and don't trust anything you see. And, whatever you do, don't eat their food.

Published by Steve Jackson Games 2003