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GURPS IOU - Welcome to Illuminati University! (Excellent)
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GURPS IOU - Welcome to Illuminati University! (Excellent)

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Welcome to IOU, Illuminati University!
What does the "O" stand for? YOU'RE NOT CLEARED FOR THAT!
Admit it. College would have been more fun if you were allowed to blow up the instructors. And you really would have liked to major in Military Biology, Anti-Social Sciences, Double-Entendre Bookkeeping, or Computer Wizardry.
Too bad you didn't know about IOU. Illuminati University is THE best place to learn Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. With departments like Weird and Unusual Science and Engineering, Inapplicable Mathematics, Misanthropology, and Zen Surrealism . . . not to mention extracurricular activities like Democrats for Cthulhu, Moopsball, and food fights that set off nuclear alerts . . . this is college as it should have been. And gadgets? Everything from the Crockpot of the Gods to the Enigmatic Alien Device Button-Pushing Table.
Illustrated by the one and only (two and only?) Phil and Kaja Foglio, this book supports three different campaign styles . . . Silly, Weird, and Darkly Illuminated. GURPS IOU takes you from creating a character to enrolling in classes, to study, finals, and the occasional academic blood feud, all the way to graduation.
If you survive IOU . . . where Unusual Background isn't just an Advantage, it's a way of life.
The GURPS Basic Set is required to use this book in a GURPS campaign.


Published by Steve Jackson Games 2000