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GURPS Low-Tech (Near Mint)
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GURPS Low-Tech (Near Mint)

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Sticks And Stones . . . . . . are only the beginning in GURPS Low-Tech!

Everything you need for a historical campaign in here, from the first thrown rock to medieval catapults, from loincloths to heavy plate.

Extensively researched for historical and technical accuracy, and fully compatible with other GURPS material, Low-Tech offers you:

* All the hand weapons and ranged weapons from GURPS Basic Set, with exotic additions from various ages and countries.

* Over a dozen examples of pre-gunpowder artillery in a variety of sizes.

* Full statistics for many new types of armor, piece by piece, and rules for combining them.

* Options for customizing all this combat equipment to get just what you want, whether it's a spike on your battle axe or a noseguard on your helmet.

* Over 100 other forms of equipment, fully detailed with game statistics, and ready for use.

* Information on travel and transportation, on foot or horseback, in wagons or chariots, or abroad canoes or warships.

* Historical overviews of the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and the Middle Ages, including daily life, crafts, government, and the progress of knowledge.

* A variety of new optional rules: hunting and gathering, primitive surgery, making and repairing arms and armor, riding with any equipment or none, harnessing draft animals, using incendiary weapons, and many others!

Published by Steve Jackson Games 2001