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GURPS Mars (Near Mint)
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GURPS Mars (Near Mint)

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Mission to Mars! GURPS Mars covers every aspect of the Red Planet. From hard-science NASA plans to the role of Mars in ancient mysticism and alchemy. 
GURPS Mars contains four complete campaign settings for Martian adventures:
Domed Mars: a scientifically accurate setting based on the latest findings from the Mars Pathfinder and Mars Global Surveyor probes. Includes designs for spacecraft based on current NASA mission plans and the Mars Society's "Mars Direct" proposal.
Terraformed Mars: how to make the Red Planet into an Earthlike world. Join the Mars Defense Force to protect the colonies, or take up arms as a Red Mars rebels to preserve the world in its pristine state.
Superscience Mars: straight from the B-movies, with the insectoid Martians ruled by mad scientists, mutant rebels and outcasts hiding from the Psychic Police, Martian flying saucers and assault tripods, and what brave Earthlings can do when Mars attacks!
Dying Mars: a swashbuckling setting inspired by classic pulp science fiction stories, with cities beside the life-giving canals, sand-boat pirates, science priests, and a Martian bestiary. 

Published by Steve Jackson Games 2002