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GURPS Who's Who 1 (Excellent)
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GURPS Who's Who 1 (Excellent)

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Only a few individuals really stand out in all of history. People who ruled the known world. People who changed the known. People you would like to have known. People you'd pray to avoid. GURPS Who's Who 1 makes it easy to introduce dozens of these stand-outs into your campaign.
Match tactics with Julius Caesar, cross blades with Harald Hardadi, or share dance moves with Mata Hari. This collection of descriptions and statistics for 52 of history's most intriguing people allows players to benchmark their characters against the best the real world had to offer.
It also provides a cornucopia of adventure seeds that are stranger than fiction. From the real Dread Pirate Roberts to a roistering aristocratic astronomer sporting a silver nose, from a doctor so brilliant that his foes ran him out of town to a king with 1,200 wives but no heir - every writeup offers enough inspiration to launch its own campaign. Each one also offers alternative "What If?" scenarios for time-traveling or fantastic settings.
Drawn from every continent and 3,500 years of history, the figures in GURPS Who's Who 1 offer something for every area of interest. You also get notes on using historical figures in games, and on converting your own research into a GURPS character sheet.
Make History!
GURPS Basic Set and Compendium I: Character Creation are required to interpret the character statistics in this book. GURPS GMs may wish to use this supplement in conjunction with GURPS Time Travel, but the biographical information in this book is not tied to a specific setting or set of rules, and can be used to enhance any campaign.


Published by Steve Jackson Games 1999