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GURPS WWII Motor Pool (Near Mint)
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GURPS WWII Motor Pool (Near Mint)

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Prove Your Mettle . . .

World War II raged from the deserts of North Africa to the jungles of the South Pacific, from the mountaintops of the Alps to the beaches of Normandy, across (and under) the high seas, and through the skies above it all. Soldiers in all these places relied upon the machines of war: bombers, fighters, tanks, jeeps, ships, submarines, landing craft, and much more.

GURPS WWII: Motor Pool has a huge variety of historically accurate vehicles from mankind's greatest conflict. Many of the vehicles were common; others were rare or even unique. From the stodgy General Lee tank to the earliest helicopters and the wildly impractical Maus, Motor Pool has tons of new gear for every GURPS WWII player.

Motor Pool also gathers in one place all the refinements to the vehicle design system that have evolved since the original corebook came out, as well as a new system to describe any WWII-era conveyance in a few simple steps. These additions include scores of new weapons to be fitted on your war machines – some historical and some products of the imagination.

On top of all that, Motor Pool has advice on how to integrate vehicles into a roleplaying campaign, with details on how vehicle crews really lived and fought, from the difficulties of supply to getting their machine moving at all. Whether you're campaigning by land, by sea, or by air, Motor Pool dramatically expands your options!

. . . Against Heavy Metal!

Published by Steve Jackson Games 2004