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Harnmaster 2nd Edition Core Rules in Binder (Near Mint)

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This set comes in the official Harnmaster Binder.

This edition of HârnMaster has been completely rewritten, with an emphasis on ease of use and fun. The rules are presented in a modular format, with dozens of optional rules that allow you to customize your own level of detail. All pages are printed on cardstock for long-life, with extensive use of color. The pages are looseleaf and can be organized in a 3-ring binder just the way you like it.

Character Generation: Good FRP characters, like real people, do not spring into the world at age 21 with a few basic attributes. They have personal histories and distinct personalities. HârnMaster gives you this background with a character generation system that is fun, flexible, and detailed. Characters may be randomly generated, or freely designed with a new point-based system.

Skills: HârnMaster is skill based. All skills are derived from character attributes and rated on a scale of 1-100. They can be improved with experience during play. There are no arbitrary character classes to restrict your play. Nothing prevents a Mage from having weapon skills, nor a Cleric from being an assassin. You may follow such occupations as Herald, Knight, Pilot, or Viking, if not all of them at the same time.

Published by Columbia Games