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Murphy's World (V. Good)
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Murphy's World (V. Good)

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A Humorous Techno-Fantasy Roleplay Game

Murphy's World is a silly place where you can roleplay light-hearted adventures. It can be used with any existing system of rules — you don't have to generate a new Character to use this book!

Characters from other campaigns can be brought to Murphy's World for adventures, and Characters from Murphy's World can be transported to other campaign worlds.

Murphy's World is designed for anyone who has ever wanted to take a break from the serious business of forging empires and amassing personal fortunes. For Gamemasters who are tired of Characters that breeze through scenarios which have taken hours to prepare, it's just the thing. Murphy's World has been created to let the Gamemaster have as much fun as the players!

Murphy's World is actually the Realm of Faerie, the Land of Myths and Legends, the place of popular folklore and dreams (with a dash of pop culture) — comically twisted, yet maintaining an internal sense of 'logic'. It operates according to Murphy's Laws. The real culprit is the planet's sun, Ludo. The strange distorting energies with which this amber orb assaults the little planet effectively toss any sense of predictability of natural laws or supernatural forces right out the metaphysical window.

Murphy's World also happens to be in possession of an extensive but rather faulty network of interdimensional teleportation gates (through which many of the inhabitants have unwillingly arrived), connecting Murphy's World to just about everywhere. Thus, many residents of the planet are like Murphy — reluctant alien immigrants. New arrivals can pop up (in, down, or sideways) anywhere; confused, embarrassed, and wondering how to get home. Unfortunately, spaceships usually crash upon entering the atmosphere, and return gateways are often invisible, faulty, or out of order.

Inside the Murphy’s World RPG Book: Everything Necessary to Start Adventuring!

  • Descriptions of the planet, the chaotic effects of its sun Ludo, magic and the supernatural, and the Teleportation Gates.
  • Fourteen races and cultures described via their Physical Characteristics & Abilities, Special Traits & Powers, Language, Geographic Distribution & Settlements, Customs & Lifestyle, Skills & Labor Practices, Religion & Superstition, plus a profile of several actual settlements and kingdoms.
  • Easy to learn and play rules that include Character Creation & Improvement, Skills & Abilities, Action Resolution, and a wacky Magic System that the Gamemaster may use to torment spellcasters; if the details of their spell are not explicitly defined it is open to misinterpretation!.
  • Lots of GM tips on how to design adventures and establish an ongoing campaign, along with numerous Adventure Ideas and tables to randomly generate places, things, creatures, and people.
  • Sample characters, creatures, places, and things are also provided.
  • A complete adventure: Robyn’s Summer Romance in Asgard (or Robyn & Her Merry Sven).”

Published by Peregrine (2002)