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Professor Elemental Comics #2 (2013) (Near Mint)
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Professor Elemental Comics #2 (2013) (Near Mint)

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Have you seen this Ape?

Missing since last Tuesday one Ape, mostly organge haired with hat, ill-fitting suit and ill-mannered disposition.

Answers to the name Geoffrey, particularly when shouted at a hysterical pitch and loud volume.

Geoffrey may still be wearing trousers that aid travel through time and space. So he could literally be any where, in any time period, from the beginning of history to now (although he is likely to be somewhere with easy access to quite a lot of fruit.) Please do take a moment to check your sheds, attics, bedrooms, grocers, and all of time nd space.

He is a much missed servant, and I haven't had a decent cup of tea since we lost him.

Sightings, please contact Professor Elemental, Elemental Manor, Sussex.

This copy is rated NEAR MINT and has never been read.