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Rifts : Bionics Sourcebook (Excellent)

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A compendium of bionic and cybernetic systems in the Rifts North America setting, with information about Partial and Full Conversion Cyborgs, Headhunters, City Rats, the Cyber-Doc and more. A must-have resource for fans of cyborgs.

  • 220+ bionic components and features plus foreign bionics.
  • 47 Commercial Cybernetic implants and 24 Black Market bionics.
  • 7 different City Rat O.C.C.s and insight to life in the 'Burbs.
  • The Cyber-Doc O.C.C. explored in more depth.
  • The Cyber-Snatcher Villain O.C.C. dealing in "previously owned" bionics and cybernetics. Want to guess how they come by these parts?
  • The Cyborg O.C.C. revisited plus rules & info on repairing bionics.
  • TW Bionics, cybernetics to inhibit magic and more.
  • 112 pages - Cat. No. 850 - by Kevin Siembieda.