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Rifts : Conversion Book 2 - Pantheons of the Megaverse (Poor)

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This book is rated : Poor (front cover creasing, back cover laminate peel)

Rifts Sourcebook by Palladium Books

You may think you know all about Zeus, Odin, and Gilgamesh and the other gods of myth and legend, but you'd be wrong! Mythological gods done Rifts' style! Dimension spanning beings of inhuman nature and power, impostors, cyborgs, bio-wizards, the Atlas robot, the Gilgamesh clones, The Olympian Club, alien intelligences, interdimensional mercenaries, vampires, devouring monsters, gods of light, gods of darkness, demigods and supernatural fiends - all with a distinctly Rifts flavor. Highlights Include: * Over 150 gods, godlings, demigods, and god pretenders! * Godling and demigod as optional player characters. * Rifts Priest O.C.C. and over a dozen optional R.C.C.s. * The powers of the gods, rune weapons and more. * Countless story ideas and insight into the Megaverse.