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Traveller : 101 Cargos (Excellent)
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Traveller : 101 Cargos (Excellent)

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Traveller RPG Supplement by BITS (British Isles Traveller Support)

Published 1997


If you view interstellar trade as simple rolling a few random items from the trade tables, think again! This BITS Traveller supplement will breathe life into your cargos and remind the players that not everything can be boxed up, left in the hold and forgotten about until they reach their next port of call...

Instant Adventure Links containing novel rules for generating 'generic' plots for almost any piece of cargo, to give many thousands of possible adventures!

Shipping Codes for cargo containers - from size and mass to those lethal hazards and pain-in-the-butt handling requirements that every merchant needs to know.

101 Pregenerated Cargos for your campaign: Natural Resources (from rocks to wallabies), Processed Resources (the raw components of industry), Manufactured Goods (the fruits of industry), Information (knowledge is a valuable thing) and Novelties (variety is the spice of life)!

Library data for the companies and items mentioned elsewhere in the book.

Detailed random generation of cargos of many different types for speculative trading.