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Traveller : 101 Governments (Near Mint)
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Traveller : 101 Governments (Near Mint)

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Traveller RPG Supplement by BITS (British Isles Traveller Support)

Published 1998


Governments from A to Z...

...from worlds without governments (mindless anarchies or liberated Gardens of Eden?) to worlds with too much government (oppressive regimes focused solely upon maintaining the rulership of paranoid dictators), every Traveller should be aware of the implications on the local culture, laws and trade.

This Traveller supplement from BITS provides 101 pregenerated governments with which to flesh out Traveller worlds, grouped by the Scout Corps' government coding system.

Each government has a basic description including the information that would commonly be available to Travellers through a ship's library or other database.

Referee's notes detail those areas of each government which might not be apparent to normal Travellers.

Each entry also has a plot idea for use as a hook into an adventure for your players.