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Traveller : 101 Patrons (Excellent)
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Traveller : 101 Patrons (Excellent)

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Traveller RPG Supplement by BITS (British Isles Traveller Support)

Published 2000


Patrons always have a task that needs doing, often dangerous, sometimes illegal, occasionally heroic. But does the Patron have an ulterior motive? Do the rewards match the risks? That's for the adventurers to decide.

Lady luck can sometimes throw even the best prepared adventurersinto a hazardous situation where fast thinking and decisive action is needed to save the day.

101 PATRONS has a hugh variety of exciting Patrons & Situations, each with multiple possible outcomes (to keep your players guessings), an index for fast plot selection, an adventure generation system based around 36 Dramatic Situations, plus Starport Chatter and World Seeds to add flavour to any game.

Please note there is some discoloration on the outer plastic wrap but the cover and interior are in mint condition.