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Traveller : At Close Quarters (Excellent)
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Traveller : At Close Quarters (Excellent)

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Traveller RPG Tactical System by BITS (British Isles Traveller Support)

Published 2000


AT CLOSE QUARTERS is a tactical system that emphasises the action and reaction process of real combat. Cautious combatants with fast reactions who use all available cover will out-live reckless gun slinger types.

Add Excitement to critical combat situations within your Traveller game, or use At Close Quarters for standalone ground skirmishes and starship boarding actions.

Comprehensive Rules for ranged combat (from aimed shots to suppression fire), melee combat, movement, action reaction situations, types of cover (and how to reach it quickly), damage effects and healing, zero-g combat and much more. Includes extensive weapons lists and a quick reference booklet listing all the key tables, tasks and actions.

This combat supplement is for use with Marc Miller's Traveller, and may be used with other Traveller rule sets.