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Traveller : Space Dogs (Excellent)
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Traveller : Space Dogs (Excellent)

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Traveller RPG Adventure by BITS (British Isles Traveller Support)

Published 1999


Imperial Vargr, uplifted doggies who do the dirty jobs. They are the underclass, doomed to live and die in the slums.

Little Heaven is a small colony in big trouble. Drug-crazed pirates besiege their village. The only help they can afford is canine. They don't care about fur and fangs, as long as you can fight.

Spacedogs is no simple combat mission - if the team win on the ground the struggle goes all the way to the Imperial Court.

This is a detailed Traveller adventure containing pregenerated Vargr characters, deckplans and statistics for two starships, a description of the colony of Little Heaven, non-player character details, guidance on playing Vargr and a generic task system compatible with all versions of Traveller.